Ever thought about having a “closer look” in(to) data operations – real-time?

Deep Insight in Enterprise Data (base) Activity

Real Time Data and Analytics means to take a further step in data and information management, by combining technical KPIs and lean Data Marts or establishing Real Time Analytics.

However your Data Strategy is defined, establishing Real Time Analytics means to gain deepest insights in data usage (content) and technology (telemetry) – via an independend instance (not vendors).

This offers new ways in dealing with Performance, Security, Compliance, Monitoring and Forensics.

But most important, you are gaining speed!

Use Case – Anomaly Detection

Time-series and matrix dashboards outlining performance anomalies of dedicated data operations (over user, programs and action).

Realisation: Runtime and I/O metrics from data operations provided via our dMON Sensor visualized through Enterprise Search and Machine Learning Routines (based on a data lake technology).

Use Case – Anomaly Visualization and Relation Detection (Graph)

Visualization of anomaly over time (helicopter and detail views) and relation detection (over Graph) – in terms of process mining activities.

Realisation: Dynamic Analysis based on dMON Sensor data using Machine Learning, Graph Theory and Process Mining technologies (based on a data lake approach).

Use Case – Session or I/O Analysis

Ad-hoc Analysis Dashboard on user and application behaviour in terms of OS- and application user, program, module and event activity (e.g. ERP/CRM).

Realisation: real-time session information from our dMON Sensor visualized through combined Heat-Maps (using dashboard from a data lake technology).