Definition – Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) is a lean softframe for the end-to-end collection and analysis of database and infrastructure metrics. Or simply a real-time data observation and security technology, without dependency on database audits and logs.

Basis – is our lean, automated and parameterizable tool with an end-to-end view on IT systems and processes.

Compared to conventional monitoring technologies, both data content and telemetry data need to be captured.

In the sense of Complex Event Processing (CEP), memory structures of the data-carrying components are read out and analysed at high frequency.

Architecture – The core of our architecture is defined by our dMON Data Sensor (an in-memory routine) for the high-frequency observation of data-object movements and the automatic extraction of technical key figures from the data-carrying systems.

Our downstream Data Analyzer (backend) collects the technical key figures obtained, validates and analyses them for recursiveness or security relevance, among other things.

Delimitation – with respect to other players our definition of Data Activity Monitoring is focused on enterprise data usage (and not database activity)!

Regardless of our definition, for the sake of completeness we also refer to the definitions of Database Activity Monitoring from Gartner (IT-Glossary) and Wikipedia.