We measure your data activities

dMON Data Sensor realizes Data Activity Monitoring in real-time with regard to a complete tracking of all data operations.

In our standard procedure we measure, among other things, WHO or WHAT, WHEN and HOW your data was accessed, how long this took (runtime) and what kind of delay (e.g. I/O) was caused.

Using dMON Data Sensor, database and infrastructure metrics can be measured with an accuracy of up to 96 measuring points per second. This enables seamless observation of database activities in the sense of end-to-end monitoring – including database telemetry and system operations.

We will adjust and analyze the collected Data in a targeted manner especially for your needs.

The resulting data can be used directly for analysis and further processing, without time-consuming data cleansing or preparation (e.g. Log Analytic).

As part of our efficiency investigations, we work with your or our tools.